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Hello, and welcome to the official casting page of, the best Amsterdam escort agency in the city. If you’ve always dreamed of getting into the escort girls’ business, then on this page you’ll find all the information you need to get into the escort babes business from the front door.

We have prepared a series of FAQs where you will find all the information you need to apply for the job in the best way and be able to enter our new class of escort babes.

Are you ready to know everything you need to get into this business?

Here are the questions that all the girls have always addressed us to know how to become an escort girl in Amsterdam.


Who are you?

We are, the new top-class Amsterdam escort agency. We aim to propose to all our customers the best escort girls currently on the market and to select the next escort babes to always have beautiful young girls in our escort directory. We are continually looking for escort girls, and the casting page is used to allow us to filter the girls’ applications and to proceed with a careful selection to maintain a very high-quality standard.

Our goal is to become the leading escort agency in the industry and to make our girls the benchmark for all escorts in Amsterdam and Europe.


What does an escort do? Is sex with the client mandatory?

The escort is a girl who spends time with our client, usually a man, but we also have women clients. The escort spends time with the client in an agreed place (it can be a restaurant, a park, an art exhibition, a meeting, a concert), and among the various services offered there is also sex (strictly in a hotel and in safe conditions). Sex is not mandatory, and all services must be previously agreed and paid in advance. Many of our escorts simply spend a few hours at the restaurant with a client without ever having sex. The escort spends time with someone in exchange for money. Among the proposed activities, there is also sex, but nobody will force one of our escorts to do something they don’t want.


How much money can I make?

All our escorts do not have a fixed salary but earn based on how many times they are hired by each client. We hold only a percentage of the amount received, and the rest is all the girl’s gain. The more you are engaged, the more your earnings will be. Payment is based on the hours you will dedicate to your client, and each girl can offer a series of extra services, such as anal sex, French kissing, body cumshot, foot fetish and much more.

We encourage girls to be creative and produce exciting photoshoots to attract the attention of every customer. The more you work, the more you will earn.


Do you have any special physical requirements?

No. We’re looking for pretty girls with a natural predisposition to sex, but we don’t have standard heights or weights. Girls must be of legal age, present recent medical tests to certify good health, and have a predisposition to sex. Being a successful Amsterdam escort girl means having sex regularly, even with men who are not attractive. The girl must be able to have sex with every man in a perfect way and always be creative. In a few cases, you can refuse a customer, but only with credible reasons.


Are there any rules of behavior?

Our girls must be educated and respectful of the client. Privacy protection is absolute, every escort babe will have a stage name and will never have to reveal their name to the customer, phone number, or email for further contact. Every contact must be made through the agency.

Sex must be done only with the use of condoms, including oral sex. Under no circumstances should sex be done without a condom, on pain of immediate dismissal. Every girl must be continuously monitored by the doctor to ensure optimal health.

Erotic photos and videos cannot be taken during sexual performances. The customer can leave feedback on his experience, and in case of negative feedback we will ask for explanations from the interested girl, and, in the case of inappropriate or unprofessional conduct, the escort girl will be eliminated by our escort directory.


How can I apply?

Fill out the form you see on the page, and attach information about yourself, with photos. It is not mandatory to send nude pictures, but we must see your body. If you pass the first selection, you will be contacted for an interview, where we will understand if you are really motivated and able to join our escort girls team.

If you pass the selection, you will officially become one of our escort girls.

If you don’t get past the selection don’t worry, you can always apply again after some time.

We look forward to reading your application and making you one of our new Amsterdam hot escorts!