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Hello, and welcome to the homepage of the official website of, the best Amsterdam escort agency in the city. In these pages, you will find all the information needed to hire the most beautiful Amsterdam escort girl to make your evening unforgettable, to have sex or to be accompanied to any type of event.

The girls that are present on this site are all kinky escorts ready to drive you crazy with class, sensuality, and incredible sexual abilities. Every escort girl is of age and ready to be contacted to plan your evening in Amsterdam.


Our agency was born to offer the best of the Amsterdam sex escort sector, gathering the best professionals in the industry and carrying out an active recruitment job that aims to always select new girls to propose to our customers. Our selection of escort girls is exceptionally rigorous, and we are always looking for girls who can improve the quality of our escort directory. If you are a girl and want to apply for this job, you can do it with our official Casting page.


Our agency, therefore, collects only the best of the best, the most beautiful girls, the most sensual Amsterdam escort girls, the most professional kinky escorts, with sexy bodies and an incredible talent for sex, all kinky hot Amsterdam escorts with one goal in mind: to give maximum pleasure to all our customers in all circumstances.

Every girl of our agency is selected to satisfy every customer need, and we have a catalog of escort girls able to meet the needs of each client. We have blonde girls, with black, Dutch, German, Italian and European hair. You just have to tell us what you are looking for, and our staff will select the perfect kinky Amsterdam escort for you, the one that can best meet all your expectations.

The procedure for contacting a girl is straightforward: contact the staff communicating the name of the chosen escort girl Amsterdam, and the team will tell you all her contacts. If you have not selected a girl, then tell us what you are looking for, and we of the staff, who know all the skills of each girl perfectly, will be able to direct you towards the best girl for your needs.

You will be able to talk freely with the girl and plan your evening with the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort you have chosen and choose from all our services. You can choose one of our packages, or two or all together, the choice is yours. Regardless of the package selected, our kinky young top-class Amsterdam escort will give you her best, making you spend a beautiful evening in the Dutch capital, based on seduction and transgression.

What are our packages, all based on the luxury and high quality of our lux Amsterdam escorts?


Restaurant Package


In this package, you can spend a pleasant evening with one or more Amsterdam female escort in a famous restaurant in the Dutch capital. Every girl has individual preferences regarding the restaurant, based on her diet, her diet, and her personal preferences.

Some of our lady escorts are vegan or have food intolerances. In these cases, we will inform you immediately and indicate the best possible restaurant for the evening. However, the girls will do their best to meet and satisfy the customer’s needs.

The customer will have to book the restaurant based on the availability of the lady escort (or girls) chosen, and the girl will arrive by taxi (included in the rate of the Restaurant package) at the established time.

The customer can indicate to the girl an outfit for the evening, which our lady escort will try to satisfy, always based on the context of the restaurant. Too sexy clothing is not suitable for dinner in a five-star restaurant. Our high-quality escorts really like elegance, cleanliness, and education.

The girl can order whatever she wants, both for food and for drinks, and every expense will be paid by the client. You can talk about anything with the girl, except for topics that can make her uncomfortable.

After dinner, the girl will leave with a taxi (price included in the package), or she will be able to close an evening with the customer in case of purchase of another package. There is no sexual relationship in this package.

Advanced payment. In the event of inappropriate behavior, the service will be immediately canceled without the possibility of receiving a refund.


City Package


In this package, the customer can visit the city of Amsterdam, together with one or more hot escort girls. This package includes a visit to any building (museums, coffee shops, shops), public places (parks, squares) and shopping. The customer can visit every site in Amsterdam, or even Rotterdam or other cities (with proper notice) with the chosen escort girl.

The customer will be able to choose the outfit for the City package, and our escort girl will do her best to satisfy her request, always so that the gear is suitable for the context. A sexy look is not ideal for the museum, for example.

The tour will take place on the date chosen by the customer. In case of outdoor trip and bad weather, it will be canceled and postponed to the first available date.

The service does not involve any sexual activity, selfies, or videos together. No kisses are allowed unless you pay extra for a girlfriend experience. In this additional service, the girl will behave exactly like your girlfriend, with kisses and cuddles. Our escort girls can do it for you.

The service is paid in advance, and the girl can buy items, clothes, shoes, or food during the time spent together, and all costs will be borne by the customer.

Advance payment, in case of inappropriate behavior, the service will be immediately canceled without refund.

Hotel Package

In this package, the customer can have sex with one or more Amsterdam escort girls in a hotel room. The service is straightforward: the customer can select the chosen girl and plan the booking of the hotel room. Each girl has specific preferences for the hotel but can be adapted to the client’s choice, but the hotel must be strictly at least three-star rating.

You can choose a girl’s outfit. Inside the room, the escort girl can wear what you want, and if the kinky escort doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can buy what you want, and she will wear it just for you.

The service has an hourly rate, and in the time chosen, you can have all the orgasms you want, thanks to the talent and beauty of our hot Amsterdam escort girls.

Here are some rules for this service, which includes sexual services:


– Our girls are continuously monitored by a doctor and carry out regular blood tests. To ensure their safety, together with that of the client, all sexual relations, including oral sex, must take place with a condom. Condoms will be provided by the girl, who will carry a sealed pack. It is absolutely not allowed to have sex without a condom. Asking this will result in the immediate suspension of the service.

– The basic package rate includes sex with a beautiful Amsterdam escort girl, with blowjob and cuddles. Every girl can offer extra services, like body cumshot, anal sex, foot fetish. You can also hire two or three escorts to do orgies or to watch lesbian shows. If you have any special needs, do not hesitate to contact us to suggest the best companions for your needs.

– In addition to sex with one or more girls, you can also choose other services, such as erotic massage with one or more girls (even Lingam massage with orgasm), or admire the erotic and lesbian show of two girls. If you want to see something special, we can do it for you, and we will realize all your secret fantasies.

– It is not allowed to take photos or videos during sex, not even paying extra.

– Sadomasochistic sex is not allowed.

– Our girls appreciate a lot of education and cleanliness. Make sure you are clean and fragrant before having sex with them. Our kinky ladies escorts want to take a shower with you before having sex, and it’s a great way to get excited.

– Payment must be made in advance. You can also buy clothes or shoes for your escort girl, which will become her property. All sex must be planned before the meeting. It is not possible in any way to force the escort girl to do something unplanned and that she does not appreciate, even paying an extra fee.


By following these simple rules, you will help us offer you a top-quality service, which will satisfy you when you want to spend a day with one of our hot Amsterdam escorts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.