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Hi everyone, I am July, and I am the mistress escort you were looking for and that you finally found. I work in Amsterdam, and I’m a mistress escort specializing in domination and fetishist sex and BDSM without limits. Don’t be fooled by my angelic appearance and my beautiful body, because my soul is black and thirsty for power and domination, and all my clients will become slaves with a single purpose in their lives: faithfully serving their mistress escort and satisfying my every wish immediately.

I have so many men who have secret fantasies of domination, control, and humiliation, and I can be what they want, or a ruthless escort mistress who loves to humiliate people.

Imagine me shouting you completely naked, and I force you to kiss my beautiful feet or lie on the ground to lick my ass. I have an impressive collection of leather clothes and leather masks that I can use with you to have fun.

Amsterdam is the city of transgression and sex and is the perfect location for my work. I love to dominate people and deceive them with my lovely face and then submit them to my wildest desires, and I could also appreciate a man who dares to rebel against me and challenge me. I love to test my limits and fight for control of a person is an idea that excites me very much, and I would like to put into practice with a client like you, who dares to rebel against the mistress escort and a big cock that can submit me without too many problems. But do not fool yourself, I will not give up without a fight, and I believe that the best location for our challenge without rules is an extra luxury hotel suite like the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. Our battle will take place there, and get ready for the fight of your life with me!

Choose me if you want an engaging challenge, and have sex in a different way than usual. I am July, the definitive mistress escort, and you will never forget me.

I use the condom for penetration and oral sex, and all my slaves have to wear it.