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Hi love, do you want to know what my favorite color is? I guess you already understood it from my sexy pics, it’s red, the color of passion and lust, the right color of a hot lady escort Amsterdam like me, Lizzy.

Observe the perfection of my photographs, the beautiful contrast between my tanned skin and the fiery red of my sexy lingerie and imagine being able to see this scene live and being able to touch every part of my body and personally remove my underwear and then have sex with me.

A beautiful image, isn’t it? And do you want to know why red is the color that represents me the most?

Because red is the color of blood and energy, it is the color that most represents my attitude and my predisposition to sex. I love sex, I love being able to provoke every man and see the excitement that grows inside him and then be able to finally have sex as we wish, without any limit.

Red is my color, I have a collection of red lingerie and red heels, and I can wear them all for you, and improvise a sexy burlesque show to get you excited.

I offer different services for my clients, I can be your partner in a social event, for an aperitif or for a business dinner where you want to impress CEOs and investors of the potential of your project, or we can go together to watch a football game of ‘Ajax and then go to dinner at a famous restaurant in Amsterdam. We can choose what you want to do, and we will do it together, smiling and without worrying about anything.

I am a hot lady escort Amsterdam, my name is Lizzy, remember, because I am the girl who changed your life and made you realize that having real orgasms is possible, and you will have them thanks to me.

Contact me immediately, and you wo

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    Quality service, Thanks!

    By: Eward | 2 years ago

    She has a good service especially girlfriend experience and we spent together few hours in Amsterdam. I was really satisfied with this girl and surely I’ll try others also next time:)