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I am an escort girl specialized in every type of massage, from the classic to the most erotic, but my specialty is the excellent lingam massage, which will take you to orgasm in no time, making all your tiredness and tension disappear. I can give you a beautiful relaxing back and shoulder massage, while I kiss your neck and whisper romantic phrases to you to start our evening in the right way.

I could go on with a gentle back massage done with my feet, or if you want something more BDSM, I could massage you with the stiletto of my high heels. The next step can be the hot massage with soap and warm water, and I will focus mainly on cleaning your cock, making it scent with lots of kisses.

I also love having hot oil massages rubbing my naked body on yours, allowing you to touch and suck my ass and my pussy, and then I’ll do the lingam massage, masturbating you to orgasm intensely.

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Choose Rossy, and you won’t regret it. My massages take place without condoms, but if you want to have the sex you will have to wear it, I love Durex with green apple flavor and polite people.