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Hi sweetie, let me introduce myself, I am Vyka, the most sensual Amsterdam escort of the agency, real sex, and lust bomb ready to overwhelm you at any time.

If you choose to spend time with me, you will be guaranteed to always have the maximum pleasure and really experience the talents of a German girl. We, German girls, are tenacious, stubborn, very precise and we always know what we want in a man and what we need to do in bed to get what we want.

But we also know how to be romantic, lustful, or passionate lovers, we can be what you want and what you need to be to get the maximum pleasure from every sexual relationship.

I am a girl who loves to dominate the man, show my power, and get the maximum pleasure whenever I can. I love riding cocks with extreme energy at the speed I want, more and more intensely up to explode with pleasure with a hot squirt, while you stroke my ass and lick my nipples.

Would you like to do it?

Or fuck me in doggy style while you spank my ass with all your strength, or invent Kamasutra positions while I scratch your back? I tell you a secret, I love feeling a little pain while having sex, it really makes me excited and lose control.

Why should you choose me, the most sensual Amsterdam escort? Because I can guarantee you the best sex of your life, a wave of pleasure that will overwhelm you and that will upset your life forever. After me, you will not have another escort, and you will become my faithful client.

Choose Vyka, if you’ve never made love with a German girl you can’t understand what you’re missing, and thanks to me you’ll discover a new way of making love.

I can have sex anyway, but always with the use of condoms. I offer many extra services, ask me with education what you want to do, and the most sensual Amsterdam escort will do everything you want.

I appreciate education and cleanliness.

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Overall Rating: 5
    Lovely girl

    By: Amir | 2 years ago

    wonderful time with a wonderful girl;) stunning body and a lovely face
    Was an unforgettable experience here in Amsterdam!