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Hi my love, I am Melly, your forbidden dream, the escort girl you were looking for and that you finally found, your accomplice for an unforgettable night of sex.

I am an athletic girl, and she lives a lifestyle without excesses or drugs. I take care of my body, and the result is what you can see in my photographs. I have a wardrobe full of beautiful outfits and shoes, and you can choose your favorite outfit from all my collection, and I will wear sensual lingerie that we will buy together, and you can take it off when you want in our bedroom.

I’m a girl with a particular lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to amuse myself or be kinky whenever I want. My client will have the maximum complicity and a partner able to help him in every situation and to invent new erotic games without any problem every time we have sex.

I can be your passionate lover, or I can provoke you all day, for example by sending you exciting photos and videos while you wait for the time for our meeting to arrive in an Amsterdam restaurant (like the Vinkeles, my favorite), or in Piazza Dam or in a hotel suite.

Give me a place and a date, choose my outfit, and this escort girl will do everything she can to make your request the best way. To date, no client has ever been disappointed by my creativity and my talent for sex, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed either.

Choose me, the escort girl Melly, a blond hurricane of pleasure and lust, and I guarantee you that you won’t waste your money, because I want the same thing you want: pleasure, orgasms and a good fuck.

I only have sex with a condom, and I love the polite and clean man. I want to take a shower before and after sex and not force myself to do things that we haven’t agreed to before. If you respect these rules, I will drive you crazy.