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Hi my love, welcome to the profile of the reincarnation of lust, welcome to the profile of Milla, the charming Amsterdam escort.

I am a beautiful blonde girl, who has an obsessive attention to my body and my hair, and I really appreciate the compliments my clients give me when they see me naked, because they understand that a body like mine cannot be seen all days and that they have a tremendous privilege in being able to also touch and suck it.

I am an Amsterdam escort because I love sex, and this is the only job I want to do. The idea of ​​giving pleasure and making money doing something that I love to madness is inspiring and manages to make me feel horny at all times. I love discussing with my clients to plan the perverse things we will do in bed and then put them into practice with some improvisation on the spot.

I’m very good at oral sex, and I have a really deep throat. For now, I haven’t met a dick yet that I couldn’t wholly accommodate inside my hot mouth. Want to try to choke me with your penis? We can try to put it all in my mouth, and we’ll see if my throat is deep enough for your dick, I’m really very curious.

And I didn’t tell you that I have a very tight pussy and that I really love feeling the man above me who penetrates me with passion and hugs me. I am a devil tempting, an Amsterdam escort, but I also love romantic cuddles in certain situations.

I have a great idea, how about booking a suite at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam immediately? We can talk about what we will do on Whatsapp and if you want some particular outfits just ask. I will do my best to make your every dream come true, because you are my love, and you deserve only the best.

Choose me, and you will discover the quality difference that exists between me and another Amsterdam escort.

I only have sex with condoms, no exception, I hope you understand that safe sex is very important.