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Hi my love, I’m Nelly, the new kinky Amsterdam escort, and your new addiction.

Do you feel like you’ve seen me before? Well, it’s probable, because a girl with a body like mine doesn’t forget easily, and I can tell you two things: the first is that you haven’t seen anything yet, and I have deliberately avoided uploading too explicit photos, because it’s much more fun to discover my body a little at a time and make you imagine so many things: do I have pussy shaved? Are my tits small? Do I have big nipples? If you want to discover everything about my body you just have to hire me, and I promise you that you will be able to explore every inch of my body the way you want, even with your hands or your tongue.

The second thing I have to tell you is that all my clients say that I am much more beautiful in real life than in photos. So imagine my beauty if you were left speechless by already looking at my photos.

Everyone says that I am a kinky escort because I really like to provoke men before having sex, for example, by never wearing panties or wearing only low-cut dresses without lingerie. I could even invent new games if you stimulate me, for example walking in the Amsterdam Red Light District to watch the other girls in the window and design our night of passion with you. In the bedroom of a hotel in Amsterdam, you will understand why I am a kinky Amsterdam escort.

We could start with some erotic game, for example, using my feet. I love when a man takes the initiative and starts kissing my whole body, then he could go on with oral sex and penetrations.

Choose me, Nelly, if you really want to have sex with a top-quality kinky Amsterdam escort and you’re tired of having sex with ugly and unmotivated girls. I live for sex, and I am lovely. You will never be disappointed by me, I promise.

I only have sex with condoms, and I want to use a banana-flavored Durex.