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Hi dear, how are you?

Have you ever heard that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”? It is said that by looking at a person in the eye, one can understand his darkest secrets and really understand the character of that person. Maybe it’s true, perhaps not, but I love looking into the eyes of a person to understand exactly who I have in front of me.

Allow me to introduce myself, and sorry if I didn’t do it immediately. My name is Nina, and I’m a young Amsterdam escort who loves making men happy with sex, and who obviously also loves making money and having fun.

Why do I love looking people in the eye? Because I like to understand who I have before, and often with a single glance, I can know if my client is really able to make me crazy with pleasure. I love watching his gaze of joy while I suck his dick and riding his cock while I have wild sex the way I like it.

Are you still undecided whether to hire me or not? Look at my blue eyes. What do you see? You will see beauty, kindness, passion, a girl who loves life and sex, a fire that burns and that awaits just the right occasion to blaze out of control and burn anyone. I am a young Amsterdam escort, and I know how to make every customer go crazy, and I can bewitch every man with my blue eyes like the sea and like ice.

I would love to meet you in a romantic dinner at the “Eatmosfera” restaurant in Amsterdam, and let yourself get lost in my blue eyes, would you like it? After dinner, we’ll have sex, and you can do anything you want.

Choose me if you want to make love with a young and beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes and a stunning body.

I am Nina, you will never forget this young Amsterdam escort.

I only have sex with condoms, I hope you also want to have safe sex in all circumstances.